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This is the story of Xavier the incomplete goose

Dear Xavier,

When you were little and I discovered you were missing half of your right wing, I was wondering if you would ever be able to fly straight, or only in circles. As a photographer, my knowledge about disabled birds is very limited, you know.

But your incompleteness made me like you even more.

I’m sorry for those times I got mad at you for eating all my plants, pooping on my terrace or biting my fingers every time. Because all I remember now are all of those great moments we spent together during forty wonderful days; walking, swimming, cuddling, watching TV, napping, biking and enjoying beautiful sunsets.

Eventually our friendship was even too short to watch you become a complete feathered goose. If only you would have been fully grown when that fox came in the night, at least you would have had the chance to fly away. Straight, or in circles.

You were an awesome pet.

Love, Frederik

Xavier 18/03/2020 - 26/04/2020