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15-24 October 2024

Embark on an journey with Frederik Buyckx, a seasoned photographer who has been capturing the essence of Albania for over 16 years. Since 2015, he has been organizing immersive photography workshops, offering a rare glimpse into the heart of the Balkans alongside his local friends.

What awaits you in Albania?

Prepare to dive deep into the Albanian landscape, where Frederik will share his passion for photography and his knowledge about the country with you. With a meticulously crafted 10-day itinerary, you’ll gain not only education but an experience etched in memory.

Who can join?

The workshop is open to aspiring photographers who want to take their photography skills to a next level, and want to expand their knowledge about reportage, portraiture, landscape and documentary photography, with storytelling at its core.

What do you learn?

Under Frederik’s mentorship, you’ll engage in intimate feedback sessions, and you will also share and discuss your work with other participants within a small group of no more than eight participants. Frederik doesn’t just teach; he shares the soul of his work, discussing his 15-year journey as a freelance documentary photographer.

Want to be part of this 10-day photography adventure in the heart of the Balkan?
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Read what previous participants have to say about their experience after joining a workshop with Frederik in Albania and/or Kyrgyzstan:

“Frederik does not just teach photography to his participants, rather he shares, transmits and communicates photographic values that, to me, are both unvaluable and difficult to describe. They have to do with exigence for involvement, aesthetic quality and meaningness. In addition, Frederik is an incredible example for each of us, with an unconventional approach to life I much, much appreciate.”

“Frederik was the ideal mentor for me, since it is his trademark to create a bond with the people he photographs and often shares joys and sorrows with them for months. Frederik taught me how to approach my subject: first as a person, then as a photographer. His approach to photography is also a gateway to unexpected adventures. The workshop offered room for fun, but also took me to a higher level as a photographer. Due to the seriousness and skill with which he practices his profession, Frederik is a lasting source of inspiration for me.”

“I learned to tell stories instead of photographing only single images. I met a bunch of fantastic people, not only the group but also Frederik's local friends. It was an inspiring, refreshing and often hilarious experience.”

“During these 10 days you really have time to immerse yourself in your own story and to work on a coherent series of photos. What I particularly remember from the workshop were the insights for my personal work and the pleasant get-together with like-minded photographers. With several people from the workshop, we still meet regularly to work on series and discuss photos.”

“The fact that I went to both Albania and Kyrgyzstan for his photography workshops proves what a unique concept Frederik came up with. Surprising destinations, immersed in the life of the locals, be challenged every day to step out of your comfort zone and all topped with the best photography guidance. Frederik teaches you to develop your own style, to connect with your subject and how to write your own story with your images in a fascinating way. The fact that I gained close friendships from both workshops made the experiences even more unique.”

“The four locations we stayed were four completely different universes, and therefore each very challenging to discover. It was fantastic to immerse myself in photography for ten days, presenting the catch of the day to the rest of the group every evening. I am now more conscious about developing a photographic story and learned to trust the magic of the moment.”

“Frederik got me into photography, he showed me the first steps, and now I am in my penultimate year of my bachelor’s degree. He assisted me with tips and tricks, was critical when he had to be and was able to motivate me to always go one step further. Advice I still use and apply every day in my photography studies.”

“A workshop by Frederik is not what we call an ordinary workshop. It goes much deeper and is also richer than just photography. This is a total experience, a life experience, and all of this led by Frederik in a very relaxed and driven manner.”

“I enjoyed my first workshop in Albania so much that I registered immediately when Frederik announced another workshop in Kyrgyzstan! Frederik encourages you to step out of your comfort zone. The encounters I had with shepherds in Albania will remain wonderful memories forever. I learned a lot from the 1-on-1 feedback with Frederik, but also from the group discussions.”

“The workshop in Albania was just amazing. The icing on the cake was that through Frederik’s friends we were able to attend and photograph a wedding in the Albanian mountains. A unique experience.”

“The concept of the workshops is well thought out and works well in structure and approach. Going out alone every day to collect stories (I finally discovered what that really means), photographing intensely, editing and discussing our images together with the group has really given me a better insight into my own photographic work. It was incredibly valuable to be on a workshop together with other photographers.”

“In an inimitable way and with complete freedom, Frederik's workshops provide you with tips and tricks that will help you find your personal photographic language, and on top of that you will probably forge lifelong friendships. Both workshops, in Albania and Kyrgyzstan, were unique experiences and made me a different person.”

“Frederik introduced us to a world that was not only exceptionally beautiful and unique, but also full of wonderful encounters, with the shepherds in the mountains, but also with the other participants of the workshop!”

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