( Ongoing Project )

Once upon a time we all used to live close to nature. But nowadays in our overdeveloped society we seem to have lost contact with nature. Too fast it seems to me. We lost comprehension of what used to be our natural habitat not even that long ago.

We feel at home in our concrete jungle we live in, but once in the real outdoors we are like a lost sheep, vulnerable and scared.


I wanted to feel nature again in every possible way and to experience the force of its elements.

Isolation is a key to getting as close as possible to this experience. Putting yourself in the most uncomfortable situation is what makes you use all your senses at its best.

I met the people and animals that still depend on nature and at the same time have to cope with its unpredictable character. Together with them I experienced what it is like to live together with or against the force of nature and I try to investigate the interaction between human and nature..


Nature can be overwhelmingly beautiful and unpredictably harsh at the same time.  But nothing ever felt more intense then being caught by beauty and anxiety at the same time.