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Once upon a time we all used to live close to nature. But nowadays we seem to have lost contact with nature. We feel at home in our concrete jungle, but we lost comprehension of what used to be our natural habitat not even that long ago. Once in the real outdoors we are like a lost sheep, vulnerable and scared.

Over the past decade, I have spent long periods of time in the mountains with people still living in close proximity to nature. Far from our overly comfortable society where everything is at our fingertips, and we have it all under control.

In search of answers and inner peace, I abandoned all creature comforts.
I wanted to feel nature again in every possible way and to experience the force of its elements. Putting yourself in the most uncomfortable situation makes you use all your senses at its best.

WOLF is a quest for freedom and an investigation of my own affinity with nature.

What does a bond with nature mean? And what if freedom, rather than luxury, was central to people’s lives?